AMX Intercom using 8400I Panels

JOHNBONZJOHNBONZ Junior MemberPosts: 99
I have 2 8400i panels, and want them to be able communicate with one another via the intercom functionality. So panel 1 will ping panel 2 to start communication - so here is the code:

DTP_PANEL1 = 10001:1:1
DTP_PANEL2 = 10002:1:1

Panel 1 setup

send_command dTP_MAIN1, "'^ICE'";
send_command dTP_MAIN1, "'^ICS-,3006,3004,2'";
send_command dTP_MAIN1, "'^ICM-TALK'";

Panel 2 setup
send_command dTP_MAIN2, "'^ICE'";
send_command dTP_MAIN2, "'^ICS-,3004,3006,2'";
send_command dTP_MAIN2, "'^ICM-TALK'";

Now goal is to get these two panels to communicate with each other. These are the basic commands to do so, so it should work but it doesn't. The thing I am unclear on are the ports - 3004 and 3006.
Does there need to a special setup for these ports?


  • gsmithgsmith Ex AMX Engineering Posts: 59
    The setup for panel1 should use the IP address of panel 2. Similarly panel2 should be setup to point to panel1.
  • JOHNBONZJOHNBONZ Junior Member Posts: 99
    Your night, once I had the IP address swapped and turned up the microphone and volume on the panels it worked. So for very basic commands to get to work:
    panel 1 - IP
    panel 2 - IP

    Panel 1 calls panel 2:

    send_command dTP_MAIN[2],"'WAKE'";

    Panel 2 answers call from panel 1

    send_command dTP_MAIN[1], "'^ICE'";
    send_command dTP_MAIN[1], "'^ICS-,9002,9000,2'";
    send_command dTP_MAIN[1], "'^ICM-TALK'";

    send_command dTP_MAIN[2], "'^ICE'";
    send_command dTP_MAIN[2], "'^ICS-,9000,9002,2'";
    send_command dTP_MAIN[2], "'^ICM-TALK'";

    that's it. The very basics, to get two 8400i panels to communicate via intercom functionality provided by the 8400i panel
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