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Un-Brick A DVX-3150HD-SP

Short of sending the unit back to AMX for repair, is there anyway to fix firmware issues on a DVX-3150HD-SP. I accidentally uploaded the master firmware first from v4.1.x to v4.8.331, and after the first file was push, it just sat there. After waiting awhile, I rebooted and it never boots.

There would have to be away to push the bootloader. I have fixed bootloaders on Atmel AVRs, TI, and other MCUs. I would think there must be a JTAG, or ICSP, or some other way to get the bootloader onto it. I get that the master is running a flavor linux.

In any case, I am hoping someone has some knowledge on this.


  • javery1javery1 Posts: 21
    I had one of these do that to me recently. Had to send it back. They replaced the CompactFlash card.
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