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Set top box LG 3000

Hi There,

i am pretty new in this forum.
I am actually am struggling with a set top box LG 3000 ​http://www.lg.com/us/commercial/documents/206-4272_STB-3000_Comm_Mode_Setup_Rev_F.PDF
I am wondering if some of you have some information about this guy.

What I am looking for is some suggestion on how to manage some basic function (channels) through RS232 protocol or IR doesn't matter.
Reading the f. manual i found it seems possible to control the device with any remote through the learning functions
So, is there any of you would like to share some knowledge about this?



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    if IR is acceptable to your project, then I'd go with that as it is easy and is actually fairly reliable given that you do a good job with the installation of the hardware. With IR - good wire management and placement of gear is important. Make sure the IR emitter head is well placed and adhered to the box. Bad placement and poor wire/emitter management is the main cause of problems.

    Programming an IR device is simple. Design a Touch Panel interface with the needed IR commands and do a simple Button Press sends an IR Pulse or use a TO for things that get held down like channel up/down or menu cursor controls.

    Most folks like to have a "Favorites" button set with their commonly used channels so instead of having to remember to type 202 for CNN they just hit a CNN icon (or whatever channel)

    Regarding RS232/IP control...
    I have found that over the years I've been burned the most by the Cable TV/Satellite most often in that they seem to constantly (and without warning) change their firmware without you knowing it. After some of these changes - your rs232/IP control gets broken and you walk into your office the next day with 60 emails from clients saying their TVs no longer work and what the hell are you going to do about it.

    For me, I always tend to choose the communication method that gives me the most discrete control as well as feedback as possible. So, I tend to like two-way protocols like serial (rsxxx) and IP. However, for things like set-top boxes Cable or Satellite, I've been burned so much that I find IR to actually be the most reliable for the client over the long haul - "lack of feedback" not withstanding.
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    livianiliviani Posts: 5
    Hi Eric,

    thanks for your reply. I am going in the IR direction. The LG3000 has a learning option which allows any tv to communicate through the IR. Just matter to make this process on several devices but it seems the only practical solution

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