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Configure ICSLAN

Hi There,

I am trying to setup an enova dvx 3255 with two port interfaces, the reason is that some devices are into an isolated network so I would like to use the ICSLAN into this network
Reading the manual it seems possible to have two (well configured networks) "transparent" to netlinx programs, accordingly to the manual:
Opening LAN and ICSLAN Sockets from Code
When opening sockets from NetLinx or Java code there is no mechanism to indicate which network to use. The controller will open
the socket on whichever network has an IP subnet that matches the address provided in the command to open the socket. There is
no indication which network was used, only whether the socket was created successfully.

This is fine for me but actually I am struggling with the ICSLAN configuration. (Master fw 1.4.72)
When I try to set up the network through telnet I am a little bit confused:
>get icslan

ICSLan Network :
ICSLan Master IPv4 Address :
ICSLan Master IPv6 Address : fe80::260:9fff:fe9d:8730
MAC Address : 00:60:9f:9d:87:30
ICSLan DHCP Server is enabled
ICSLan Dns Server is
>set icslan

--- Enter New Values or just hit Enter to keep current settings
Disable DHCP Server? (Y): n
ICSLan settings unchanged.


Cold rebooting the whole system...

I am trying to use set icslan but unfortunately the set up is not as expected. Do you know any other way to configure properly the icslan?
I would use an ip like 10.200.100.xxx / , is this possible??



  • MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Sorry Liviani, it is not possible to use the subnet mask of
  • NZRobNZRob Posts: 70
    pretty sure you can't change any of the ICSLAN network settings - its fixed at
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Is the point of this thread to see if one can change the network settings of the ISCLAN coming off the DVX switcher's IP ports used for ISCLAN? If so, I was under the impression that it is a simple network with built-in router that sets up a control network with no access to the outside world. It was strictly for control. In theory, you shouldn't need to dink with the IP addresses. It shouldn't matter what IP scheme you want to use. Just use the one it spits out. In addition, you don't want any outside-world stuff on that network either.
  • MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Eric you are correct. However there are times where you might want the subnet mask different than the, I had an instance where the nodes on a video wall needed to be on a scheme and we were using the ICSLAN and could not modify that so we had to approach things and reconfigure the setup because of that limitation.
  • livianiliviani Posts: 5
    Hi All, thanks for the reply.

    My point is I would to connect a device which is on another net with different settings from the main Enova network. For this reason I am looking to a method which allows me to connect to a different network.
    I was also thinking to two different solutions but this is obviously related to the network admin:
    - Use some kind of NAT device which can be interconnected to both two networks.
    - Modify the isolated network in order to be able to communicate on 198.18.x.y network

    Any of you have other suggestion??

  • Which is less right? A device that insists on a (Class A, /8, 16 Million+ addresses) mask, or a device that insists on a (Class C, /24, 254 addresses) mask? I could see maybe needing a (Class B, /16, 65K+ addresses) mask, but a Class A mask?!? I realize it's a private network so it shouldn't make much of a practical difference, but there's no way any AMX controller could ever be able to talk to anywhere near even 65,000 devices. A device being locked into a Class C subnet (only 254 useable addresses) seems stupid, but a device (besides a core network router) using a Class A subnet mask seems even stupider.

    For clarification though, you can't connect the ICSLan up to another "real" LAN. Well, technically you can, but... it won't work right.
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