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Old eyes and small fonts

With the laptop screen resolution getting greater and my eyeball resolution getting worse, I have a terrible time seeing some of the stuff down in the output bar of NetLinx Studio. I can change the font in preferences for the compiler output, notifications, and the diagnostics, but nothing seems to change the debugger, output for searches in "find in files", or file transfer details. Does anyone know of a registry entry that I can update to make them more readable?



  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    In windows 10 (and probably earlier versions), there is a scaling factor in the monitor/display settings section which will affect pretty much everything at once.

    Normal 100%:

    Large 175%:

    100.png 59.9K
    175.png 151.9K
  • Yes, I have tried that and reducing the resolution but neither of those options worked too well. Studio has to be assigning fonts to those windows somewhere so I was hoping to find out where.

  • DraugarDraugar Posts: 27
    What about using the windows magnifier in lense mode?
  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    I have to use a very large monitor. I have a 40" that pretty much takes up my whole field of vision. I am losing my eyesight I'm afraid.
  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    ericmedley wrote: »
    I have to use a very large monitor. I have a 40" that pretty much takes up my whole field of vision. I am losing my eyesight I'm afraid.
    Sucks doesn't it ! I use 4 x 24" myself so I can park full windows in sight and would still like more real estate. I also use those granny glasses, 3x, that you buy at the drugstore so I can see terminals or punch down wires, etc, can't read any labels anymore with out a pitman loop or those damn old people glasses.

    I think you can estimate the health of a company by the health of it's forum members. I wonder how many folks that frequent the forums and are active dealers or programmers are under 50? I think most of us now are over and falling apart physically. What will be left if 10 years when we all retire or semi-retire?
  • Getting old does suck. For 55 years I couldn't see anything far away and needed glasses, but I could at least see things that were close. Now I can see near or far. I do have the lenses are supposed to let me see distant things if looking through the top and as I look down should see the closer things. I seem to run out of lens before I can see, plus I get tired of tilting my head way up and looking down. Had the doc write me a prescription for working on the computer. They are OK but I still can't see some of the stuff I mentioned in my original post. I don't want to use the windows tools that are available like the magnifier because they don't work that well for me. It really causes anal chafing when NS lets me change some of the font sizes but not all of them.

    Unfortunately for me, the great recession wiped out my 401k, so I'm doomed to work until I die.

  • DraugarDraugar Posts: 27
    I really should appreciate more for being as young as I am (26 years old), as I read your descriptions. I thoguht I had issues, those are like "should I use black or metal color on the screws on the inside of my computer" to yours "Should I use network card or a graphic card in my only PCI-e slot"
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