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Streaming to Modero S results in a black screen

Hi Experienced guys,

I am having an headcache issue with the streaming function of a Modero serie S.
I need to stream a BOSCH DVR 5000, a security system, to a Modero S. I can easily use VLC to receive the stream but I can't do the same on a modero S
I am wondering where I am wrong or if there is anything else I should do.
I put in place a button for start streaming and stop streaming, whth the follow loopback command:

Start stream
^SDM-101,0,rtsp://user:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0
(User/pass and IP hidden but they are checked through VNC )

Stop Stream

I can see the button 101 (port 1) change its beahvior by switching from the selected fill color to black.
Using vlc with the same address everything is working without problem
The stream is coded with H264, MODERO S fw is 2.106.37

Digging in the AMX forum I found some useful links: So,
I am wondering if there is anybody out there which use the same Bosch system or have some similar problem?
There should be some special settings or something I am doing wrong?

Thanks to everyone for every ideas or suggestion,



  • Hey living.

    I had a similar problem with hikevision cameras with g4 panels . I found it was actually the resolution of the stream was too high for g4 to resize but g4 preview was showing stream . This was with a dynamic image .

    Hope this is helpful.
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