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NXV-300 sort of bricked?

JeffJeff Posts: 374
I have an NXV-300 I'm working on that is locking up. It's been sitting on a shelf for several years and I was just messing around with it as a potential backup control device. It worked fully when I last used it. Here's the steps I've gone through so far.

- I connected it to my network, powered it up, telnetted in and set it to dhcp, giving it a hostname. It connected to my master automatically.
- I sent it a test file that was created for an MVP-5200i (another 800x480 resolution device), and it asked if I wanted to upgrade from the v8 graphics to v9. I said yes, it took approximately forever to upgrade the graphics and then finally sent my panel and rebooted. The file I sent was 708KB, only a single page with a few solid buttons and a background graphic, basically a nonfunctional page I had created for my 5200i to get a feel for how big the button sizes were before I started designing the UI.
- When it came back up, I used VNC Viewer to connect to it, and I could only see the top left corner of the panel. I checked the manual and learned you have to set the panel resolution manually. I used NetLinx Studio to send the "'SETUP'" command to it via Control A Device. I opened VNC Viewer again and navigated to the Display Settings, changed the resolution to 800x480, then logged into protected setup and rebooted.

Here's where things get fun.

Now the only thing it will allow me to do is telnet, and only that if it's the only thing I do. If I try to VNC into it, the command never hangs. If I try to update the firmware from 2.1.9 to 2.1.25, it never actually starts. And if I try to do either of those things, it stops responding to telnet entirely, whether I've connected or not. It will still allow me to make a new telnet connection, but it never gives me the Welcome message and never responds to anything.

I sent the telnet command 'disk free' and it says there are 0 bytes free. I sent the telnet command 'msg on', then attempted to connect via and got the attached response. The txt file exported from dataviewer was formatted very weird so I screencapped the response as well.

I found [this thread](http://www.amxforums.com/forum/technical-forum/amx-hardware/6709-nxv-300-issues), where the disk free being 0 is identified as a bad thing, but the recommendation to remove user pages isn't something I can do since I can't ever get VNC Viewer to load. I tried TightVNC as well, and VNC Viewer from my tablet, just in case one of those made a difference, but had the same results. I loaded a very small file, but I don't know what updating the system graphics may have done to it.

I did try a factory reset and it didn't appear to make any difference at all.

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