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NI-3100/256Mb Needed

Looking for an NI-3100, 256Mb model, with or without ICSNet card (FG2105-25 or FG2105-35). If someone has one in stock or has one pulled from a job in working order, PM me. This controller is obsolete but I need one for a job that already uses an NI-3100 but the 64Mb model. Thanks!


  • Reese JacobsReese Jacobs Posts: 347
    An NI-4100/256 would also work in place of the NI-3100 (used, refurbished, or new). If you have old stock or are a dealer that wants to sell several NI-4100/256, send me a PM. I don't think the product is obsolete although it may be in short supply. Was also on the refurbished product list at one time.
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