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DVX Relay control

I'm super confused.... I swear this was working last week and now it's failing.

Basically I'm using the relays to trigger an amp on and off... when the relay is closed the amp turns off...

So, as an example, I have this:
  SEND_STRING dv402BluRaySerial, "'PON',$0D"
    CASE 2:
      SEND_LEVEL    dv402SwitcherOut2,1,30 //volume to 30
      SEND_COMMAND     dv402Switcher, "'CI4O2'"  //input 4 to output 2
      SEND_COMMAND     dv402Switcher, "'CI4O1'"  //mirrored to conf
      nLoungePowerOn     = 1
    CASE 3:
      SEND_LEVEL    dv402SwitcherOut3,1,30 //volume to 30
      SEND_COMMAND     dv402Switcher, "'CI4O3'"  //input 4 to output 3
      nDeckPowerOn     = 1

and then the off function-
  IF (nDeckPowerOn = 1)
    SEND_COMMAND  dvTP_iPad,"'PAGE-Main-Deck'"
    nZoneSelect = 3
    SEND_COMMAND  dvTP_iPad,"'PAGE-Logo'"
    nZoneSelect = 2
  SEND_COMMAND     dv402Switcher, "'CI0O2'"
  nLoungePowerOn = 0

If I telnet into the master I can run ON[dvDVXRelay,1] and OFF[dvDVXRelay,1] and that works fine and peachy... until my functions run- then I can't turn the relays on or off via telnet (and they don't toggle via my functions)... even more baffling to me is in the notifications window when I call the fnPowerDnLounge... i get this-

Line 7 (11:30:22):: Feedback:On [5001:21:2] - Channel 1
Line 8 (11:30:22):: Output Channel:On - From [5001:21:2] - Channel 1

...even though the relay doesn't change. Other functions (video switching) still work....

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm completely baffled!


  • MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Show your definition of dvDVXRelay, also the feedback you gave shows as system 2, is your DVX assigned to 2?
  • Yeah, its setup as system two...

    The define device is:
    dvDVXRelay    = 5001:21:2
  • In your first function you turn off relay 2 when watching bluray on the deck but turn off relay 1 for the lounge . But in the deck off function you turn on relay 1. So I don't see the amp being turned on for the deck.

  • Danny- I have relay 1 setup for the lounge amp and relay 2 setup for the deck amp. I have a similar function for the deck- fnPowerDownDeck that does something similar but does ON[dvDVXRelay,2 ]...
  • huh, well I did a factory reset and now its working again... same code.
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