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Standard VCR / DVD Buttons

TUTechTUTech Junior MemberPosts: 70
This is a basic question, but I use TPDesign about once a year. Aren't there standard buttons or bmp to import for VCR or DVD control. The little arrows, double lines etc. for play, stop, pause, ffwd??
Where do I find them?


  • Stephen BoltonStephen Bolton Junior Member Posts: 345
    Change your button font to AMX and you will get all sorts of toys.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Plus - graphic design tastes have kinda come full circle. Right now graphic and icon tastes have gone back to simple 2-D look. It actually looks silly to my eye. but, whatever...

    So, you might look at the AMX provided fonts for things like arrows, play/stop/pause/etc...
  • TUTechTUTech Junior Member Posts: 70
    Of course!! There it is, now it comes back to me. THANK YOU. I prefer the simple 2D graphics.
  • pdabrowskipdabrowski Aussie Guy Posts: 184
    Have a look at the Material Design Icons provided by Google.

    I did have to modify every icon from monochrome to rgb profile in photoshop so it could be used in TPD.

    Good thing is that they are licensed CC-BY so you can use them in commercial designs - even though they have been released for use originally in Android development there is no restriction to their use.
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