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Emulate Custom Event from TouchPanel

RaphayoRaphayo Junior MemberPosts: 111
Hi All,

Currently doing my renewal and what to do is emulate a NFC card swipe.

Is there a way to emulate a custom event with netlinx studio by Using Emulate a Device Menu

Thanks All


  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 180
    just include the NFC_Custom.axi and emulate channels from 1000 - 1008 on port 3 for device 10001
  • RaphayoRaphayo Junior Member Posts: 111
    Doh.... Forgot to read about the NFC_Custom.axi.

    Thanks George
  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 180
    have you also made the Design Renewal exams ? If someone has, did you use additional controllers ( NX,DVX,DGX) or we have to use only the current ones ?
  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Professional University Posts: 321
    The spirit of the renewal practical is to leverage existing Owner Furnished Equipment and add hardware where needed to accomplish the requested new capabilities. If swapping out hardware makes the most sense from a technical or financial perspective, feel free to specify the replacement/upgrade hardware.
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