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Mio-IRRX Going Away?

bwestlakebwestlake Junior MemberPosts: 82
I ordered a Mio-IRRX back in June that has still not shipped. Today I had a customer's system with a dead Mio-IRRX. I called AMX and, after lots of hold time, was told that the IRRX is on limited availability and will likely be discontinued. Does anyone out there have a good way (cost effective) to get AMX master to respond to IR commands? I'm looking at the Global Cache' GC-IRE and GC-RG1 combination. I ordered one in to do some experimenting.


  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159
    You may want to consider the MET-6N. Aside from the built-in IR receiver it has a 6 button keypad and a navigation wheel AND it's about 30% cheaper than the MIO-IRRX which only receives IR. It's probably one of the best AMX bang-for-the-buck items you'll find. I believe the footprint is about the same.


  • bwestlakebwestlake Junior Member Posts: 82
    Hmmm... I asked tech support for a substitute and all they could think of was an EXB-MP1 with an IR receiver. This is much more reasonable. Thank you!!!
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159
    Yup, It's a real bargain. About half the price of the old MVP-8400 kickstand.

    If you haven't used the MET-6N before, be aware that it takes 2 device IDs. One for the IR receiver and one for the keypad buttons.

  • bwestlakebwestlake Junior Member Posts: 82
    We just used these in the equipment rack to accept IR commands from Universal MX remotes. It's strange that the small masters have an IR receiver port but not the larger masters. They told me that nobody is ordering the Mio-IRRX any more. We use them on almost every system. It would be nice to know when something is being phased out. Thanks again.
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