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Remote "Reboot" command for MST-701's?

This seems like an incredibly dumb question, but... how do I remotely reboot an MST-701 touchpanel? I can't find a "reboot" command in the API, like there is for devices like the SDX and DX-RX. What am I missing? How do I remotely reboot that touchpanel with a command from the controller?


  • All standard device is make reboot: SEND_COMMAND device,"'REBOOT'"
  • infoscreen wrote: »
    All standard device is make reboot: SEND_COMMAND device,"'REBOOT'"

    That's what I thought, I even just programmed that into my code without consulting the API. But when it didn't work, I went to look for the reboot command in the API and it's not there, and the panel doesn't respond to REBOOT. I'm going to re-do my testing this evening to make sure I didn't just make some other stupid mistake.
  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    You can also try the netlinx command for reboot:
  • Please try from telnet!
    If not work try make panel firmware upgrade!
  • I've confirmed that the MST-701 units do not respond to SEND_COMMAND D:P:S,"'REBOOT'". They do, however, respond to REBOOT(D:P:S) from the master controller.

    I've also confirmed that the Solecis SDX and DX-RX units do not respond to REBOOT(D:P:S), but they do respond to SEND_COMMAND D:P:S,"'REBOOT'".

    Gotta love the consistency, if nothing else.
  • GregGGregG Posts: 251
    Guess we need a meta-function:
    Define_Function ReallyReboot(Dev dvTarget)
        Send_Command dvTarget,'REBOOT'
  • I just created two different button_event stacks, for the two different types of device reboot commands.
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