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Mainline in Java - when?

Anyone heard any news on the subj? For me, the fact that Java is limited to modules only is one of the top reasons to stay within Netlinx...


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    somasoma Posts: 5
    Why not consider using java for modules and not for the rest?

    The possibilities of java are great, as I think! You don't even _need_ mainlines ;-)
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I have to agree, I don't feel handicapped by this restriction. But I believe it is coming all the same.
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    Charles LawCharles Law Posts: 72
    By looking at the help files in cafe duet, you can see IButtonListener(under com.amx.duet.core.master.netlinx). I think you can handle button event with this listener. However, it seems that it is more complicated to write Button Event in Duet than in NetLinx
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