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Blackmagic ATEM Switchers 6.8 SDK Module Availability

ajish.rajuajish.raju chief evangelist of favantePosts: 185
I have seen a post here where they have discussed how to control via third party control and directly. If anyone can guide me on the protocol on how to recall a few switching presets, i will be able to start working on a module then.


  • wunde005wunde005 Junior Member Posts: 4
    This company(Skaarhoj) has written arduino code to control ATEM switchers. I believe you can then control the arduino with an AMX controller:
    http://skaarhoj.com/case-stories/atem-arduino-case-stories/ arduino

    I needed to control a ATEM Television Studio and I didn?t really want to deal with using the arduino so I actually ported their code over to netlinx last winter. I have been meaning to put it on github, but haven?t yet.

    The protocol is not very nice to work with and Blackmagic doesn't seem to have it published. The only thing I've seen is Skarrhoj's documentation that he created from reverse engineering it: http://skaarhoj.com/fileadmin/BMDPROTOCOL.html

    I believe this is all based on ver 6.3, so I?m not sure if that matters to you or not.
  • ajish.rajuajish.raju chief evangelist of favante Posts: 185
    Let me know if you have a sample command then i can proceed further. I will check with end user if i can purchase a module since we are pressed for time. How much will be development time since the user only want to recall presets.
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