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Lights control


This should be simple, but somehow I just can't get it work right...
In order to control a Helvar Digidim dimmer controller you send four hexadecimal numbers to set the level: 03, 51, 80, dd, in which the last is dd = DALI level of
00 through FE. Eg. SEND_STRING dali, "$03,$51,$80,$1E". I'd need +/- buttons and a level indication bar to the touch panel.
Would somebody help pls.

Best regards,



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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    Well yes that is simple but then again it isn't a simple thing to explain because it requires a lot of different things coming together from coding to TP design. What's your experience level? Are you already parsing returns from the device? How are you storing values? What code do you already have? Do you have events yet, button_event, level_event, data_event for this device?
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