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SVSI Telnet

normschaefnormschaef Junior MemberPosts: 17

​I'm trying to reach my SVSI units (N1000 series) through telnet using Putty on my desktop. I'm getting a network connection error: Connection refused. I've tried to find the port the devices might be listening on, but no luck. Saw some documentation which seemed to indicate ports 50020 or 50008. Tried those as well, still no luck.

​Do the SVSI encoders/decoders (any series) support telnet. The marketing information seems to indicate they do.



  • normschaefnormschaef Junior Member Posts: 17
    Solved: Pointed telnet to ports 50001 or 50002. Initially, there appeared to be garbage on the screen, but after configuring Putty terminal to Implicit LR in every CR saw the "garbage" was all the status information writing over itself.

    Things working fine now.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Norm, do you know the vintage of the SVSi box you're working with? Is this an older system or newer?
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