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Error transfering a TP5 file

I've a problem when I try to transfer a particular TP5 file to a MXD-1001-Li panel. Immediately before it starts to transfer the file I get the error: Error creating temporary files for transfer

When my colleague try to transfer the same file to the same panel with the same version of TPDesign5 (1.3.0 Build 80, Border Version: 23), everything works. The only difference is the version of the operating system. He has win7 installed while I have installed win10.
However: I can transfer other TP5 files to this same panel with no problems. I checked the hard drive and there is plenty of free space. I deleted all the temporary files from the temporary directory in my user directory. I even deleted the temporary files from the system temporary directory. But this didn't change anything. I checked all the bitmaps and they are correct. There are no visible errors in the file.

Does anybody know a solution to this problem? Is it possible to find out which particular temporary file could not be created?

In the mean time I have to transfer the file with Netlinx. This works but is annoying because I have to close TPDesign5 every time before I can transfer the file and it always transfers the complete file.

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