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Dynamic Images and NX Series Processor

In the Releases Notes for the latest firmware release for the NX Series processors (version 1.5.68), there are the following two notes:
  • Dynamic images and listview features require v.1.4.9 G5 touch panel firmware if NX security is enabled
  • Dynamic images will not work with G4 touch panels with NX security enabled
Does anyone have any experience with dynamic images, G4 panels, and the NX series processors that can elaborate on specifically what NX security configuration is being alluded to in the note? Does this imply that if ICSP authentication/encryption, if enabled on the NX processors, will result in touch panel dynamic images on G4 panels no longer functioning? Hopefully someone has worked with the NX series processors and G4 panels that can shed some additional light on specifically what the release notes refer to in this context. I am working on some NI to NX processor migrations and I am trying to anticipate problems before I find out the hard way. Thanks in advance.


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    The short answer is basically that the older system utilized a simple user/pass internally. The newer system is LDAP compatible and all the usual rules apply. (which includes things like encryption, user roles, user groups, credential passthrough, etc...)
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