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Document Camera Feedback

TUTechTUTech Junior MemberPosts: 70
I'm working with document camera feedback to show the power status in case someone turns it on or off without using the control panel. The problem is that the response has a space in it.
Can I put a space in find_string(data.text," ") OR can I put an ELSE statement in STRING / DATA_EVENT??

When power is on I get $B0a$80$02$00$BF
When power is off I get $B0a$80 $00$BF

This works if it is turned on from the camera.

ACTIVE (FIND_STRING(data.text,"$80,$02",1)):
nDocPwr = DPWRON

Can I put a space in there data.text,"$80, ",1)):

I tried to put an ELSE statement in there (IF it's not ON then it must be OFF) but that didn't work.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    There's no need to double post in this forum. We'll see it.
  • TUTechTUTech Junior Member Posts: 70
    I think I had a problem with Internet explorer and hit the post button twice. Am I able to delete?
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