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Not sure if this has been addressed, but I recently had a project where I dealt with these products for the first time and while configuring them I was introduced to a bug that everyone needs to be aware of.

Usually when dealing with the DX-RX devices, I have used a DHCP server and telnet to configure them. If they are connected to a DGX-100 switch, I allow the internal system to address them all, and then set their IP configs in the web interface before setting the rest of the device configuration via telnet.

Imagine my surprise then when after setting the IPs via the DGX 3200 web interface, I telnet into the first device, set up the new device and system information, and..... wait. Weird the device just dropped offline. After about 5 to 10 minutes, the device reappears on my tree with it's old address information. Ok.

I called AMX and they are aware of this problem. If you are configuring these devices via telnet, you need to open a Super User session and configure the information at that level, with a wholly different set of commands.

So if you see this issue, do not muck about, call support, ask for help, and tell them I sent you. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.


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