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dthomas32308dthomas32308 Independent DeveloperPosts: 41
Just wanna give a big thanks to the vets (you all know who you are ericmedley, AMX_Chris, vining, A_riot, spire_jeff and plenty others) which have been on the forum for years providing insight and much needed help to the new generations of programming. I've learned a lot from going back reading older threads and have picked up a lot of tips/tricks which have made my life much easier while making projects flow out of my office quicker.


  • MLaletasMLaletas Junior Member Posts: 226
    I have as well. Still do at 50% amx at some times even more. I'll search for things here pertaining to an issue I am having and find some solution here (usually from those guys and you daniel). Other times I'll just come across something which makes me rethink how I am handling some things helps me develop into a better and hopefully more advanced programmer.
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