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DX-RX-4Ks Falling Offline

Hi guys -

I have two DX-Rx-4ks that are randomly falling offline. There's no pattern as to when, but maybe every other day they go down for an hour or so then come back. I get this in the diagnostic:
Line 58 (20:04:52):: Resending to 46005 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=250 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 59 (20:04:52):: Resending to 46005 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=250 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 60 (20:04:53):: Resending to 46005 count = 3 (latency=1) OldTimeout=500 NewTimeout=1000$0A
Line 61 (20:04:54):: Resending to 46005 count = 2 (latency=1) OldTimeout=1000 NewTimeout=2000$0A
Line 62 (20:04:56):: Resending to 46005 count = 1 (latency=1) OldTimeout=2000 NewTimeout=4000$0A
Line 63 (20:04:59):: Resending to 46008 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=250 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 64 (20:05:00):: Resending to 46005 count = 0 (latency=1) OldTimeout=4000 NewTimeout=8000$0A
Line 65 (20:05:08):: Resend count exceeded for system 1 device 46005$0A
Line 66 (20:05:08):: No session to clear for this connection
Line 67 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:1:1
Line 68 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:2:1
Line 69 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:3:1
Line 70 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:4:1
Line 71 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:5:1
Line 72 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:6:1
Line 73 (20:05:08):: CIpEvent::OffLine 46005:7:1
Line 74 (20:05:49):: Resending to 46008 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=249 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 75 (20:05:59):: Resending to 46008 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=249 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 76 (20:06:04):: Resending to 46008 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=250 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 77 (20:06:24):: Resending to 46008 count = 4 (latency=1) OldTimeout=249 NewTimeout=500$0A
Line 78 (20:06:25):: Resending to 46008 count = 3 (latency=1) OldTimeout=500 NewTimeout=1000$0A

They're connect to a DGX-3200 with about 10 other similar units running the same firmware. The 'DxLink Quality' in the web interface shows as good or better as the rest of the units. There are other units with much longer runs working fine on the same output card. They are using power from the switcher.

Thanks in advance!


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    If you swap the wires with units that are confirmed to be good, does the problem follow the box or the wire?
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    zack.boydzack.boyd Posts: 94
    It's a remote site - I had the client swap two at the switch and then neither of them did it. Waited about 30 minutes, still nothing, then had him swap it back so the system would operate as 'normal' so it could be used for the day. Problem didn't come back until the following day...
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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Oooh ooh a post, sweeps away tumbleweeds.

    I've had issues with the DX-RX (not 4K) when it was connected to a Sharp display, I didn't get a real answer from tech support other than a firmware update was the answer. So my question is what kind of display is connected to the RX? And are you using its 232 comm port?
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    zack.boydzack.boyd Posts: 94
    It's a Planar UltraRes on one, a Planar PS series on the other... But i have a duplicate UltraRes right next to the one that's not working with the same module driving it. Yes I'm using 232
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    zack.boydzack.boyd Posts: 94
    Just got off the phone with tech support.

    There's a known issue that was pushed to the DX-RX(they mentioned your Sharp issue), but didn't make it to the -4K. They currently have a hotfix available ending in .25

    Now I get to push a whollllle bunch of firmware remotely *yaaayyyy*:rolleyes:
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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    Wow thats amazing that it didnt make it to the 4K, that sucks man sorry.
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    We had a lot of problems with the non-4K version of the DX-RX, until the firmware patch with the "Watchdog" feature. That patch fixed almost all our non-4K offline problems. We have since upgraded a bunch of non-4K units with 4K versions. We haven't really seen any of the 4K units dropping offline that haven't been associated with cabling issues (but we have had a few cabling issues). We do have occasional problems with downstream IP devices (all Sharp displays right now) connected to either version of DX-RX: if for some reason the IP connection to the TV drops, it takes a reboot of the DX-RX *while the TV is powered up*, to recover network connectivity. Nothing else seems to re-establish an IP connection between the devices.
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    zack.boydzack.boyd Posts: 94
    FYI the issues I were seeing did look like cable issues. We'd replace cables/connectors and it would be 'fixed' for awhile until it wasn't anymore. The only thing that truly fixed it was that .25 hotfix. It's definitely worth a shot. My whole system is wayyy more stable now as well. Lower CPU loads.
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