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Daikin itouch controller

Has anyone written a module or include for a Daikin iTouch Controller? I am able to read statuses but i'm having trouble making changes to the set points. I suspect i'm doing something incorrect with the Endian conversion.

This protocol is way overly complex for what it does. I'm really hoping someone else has had some luck on this.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    perhaps post the protocol doc and some of your non-working code. Who knows.. maybe it's easy enough to just fix what you have.
  • sling100sling100 Posts: 117
    It's very convoluted and requires IEEE temperature encoding. You also need an old version of the web software as I don't think the new version will let you connect to it at all? You need to POST a command to port 80 with all of the required info. Document attached - an example is posted on page 12. Good luck ...!

  • daveruvolodaveruvolo Posts: 8
    Thank you for your reply. I have that page from the protocol doc as well. Below is a snippet of code i'm using to see if i can successfully change the temperatire in zone 1. when i sent this i get the HTTP ok response but it doesn't actually make any changes. i'm sure at least one of the values I have below are incorrect causing it to not actually perform the command. You can ignore the $FF,$FF,$FF at the end. That is a delimiter i am using so when my timeline runs i know if i have a command to send out. it gets chopped off before actually going out.

    cSendData = "'POST /cmd HTTP/1.1',$0d,$0a,
    'Content-Length: 56',$0d,$0a,
    'Content-Type: application/octet-stream',$0d,$0a,$0d,$0a,
    $38,$00,$00,$00, //command size is 56
    $76,$11,$01,$00, //command id is 70006
    $01,$00,$00,$00, //number of AC to set status- zone 1
    $00,$00,$00,$00, //reserved 1
    $00,$00,$00,$00, //reserved 2
    $00,$00,$00,$00, //reserved 3
    $00,$00,$00,$00, //reserved 4
    $00,$00,$00,$00, //reserved 5
    $00,$00,$00,$00, //ac address (0 is try on 1, 1 is try on 2, 2 is try on 3)
    $03,$00,$00,$00, //setting bit enabled
    $01,$00, //on/off is set to on
    $04,$00, //operation mode set to cool
    $01,$00, //ventillation mode set to auto
    $01,$00, //ventillation amount set to auto
    $41,$BC,$00,$00, //this is the temp value 73
    $00, //fan speed
    $00, //fan direction
    $00, //filter sign reset
    $00" //reserved 6
    strDaikinTxBuffer = "strDaikinTxBuffer,cSendData,$FF,$FF,$FF"
  • sling100sling100 Posts: 117
    You have all of the mode bits back to front, so 'op mode cool' is $00,$04 not $04,$00. Power on is $00,$01 etc. I would also change the setting bit to $7F to enable all of them.

    See if that works!

  • KrondorKrondor Posts: 14
    Why would you go for I tocuh? there are other Gateway devices, much easier to work with, and also have AMX drivers. No delays, no setup, much easier to work with...
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