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Supercharged DX-RX-4K

zack.boydzack.boyd Smacks Keyboard RepeatedlyPosts: 94

Just kidding...

They were getting hot because of a terrible choice for installation location, but I thought it looked 'cool' :)


  • pdabrowskipdabrowski Aussie Guy Posts: 184
    That's interesting, is the 4K version running hotter than the original one?

    We have pairs of them mounted vertically in a lectern that has about 1" space left over between the TX or RX and the inner shell without overheating.
  • zack.boydzack.boyd Smacks Keyboard Repeatedly Posts: 94
    They ARE running considerably warm in general, but these in particular were between two aluminum plates inside a dry-walled in box...
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    "Form ever follows function" ~ Louis Sullivan..

    "Screw you Louis - We got sales quotas to meet! The temperature is fine. Troubleshoot in the field."
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