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ICSLAN port of DX-TX and DX-RX switching from public to private side on DVX2255?

mritzmritz Junior MemberPosts: 22
Just wondering if there is a command to switch the ICSLAN port on DX-RX (or DX-TX) from public lan side to private (198.18.x.x) side.

Here in my situation I have a DVX2255 where the DX-TX is connected to switcher input port 5 (DXLINK in) and the DX-RX is connected to switcher output port3 (DXLINK out).

I know there is a possibility to do that on DGX systems.

There you can use the command "'ENDPOINT_RX_ICSLAN_PORT-PRIVATE'" to switch (here for example) the ICSLAN port of a connected DX-RX to the ICSLAN (198.18.x.x) network.
Normally the ICSLAN ports on DX-RX (or DX-TX) are automatically placed to the public network. (same as the normal LAN port is connected to.

Is there someone who knows about?


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