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RS232 problem after NX3000 replacement


After replaced a NI3000 by a NI3100, it seem as have a problem with a port RS232. On RS232 port number 2, I have a Marantz SR8500 who worked very nice on NI3000. Now he dosen't respond on RS232 Commands.

NI3100 seem to send command but I get no feedback and no reaction from SR8500. What I have to do to command SR8500 trough my PC to verify if the Marantz is in problem or not. All other unit connected on RS232 (DVD, Plasma panel, Lightning system) work nice

Some boby can help me ?


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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226
    I assume you mean NI not NX, and do any of the other rs22 ports work? If they don't sounds like you have a bad capacitor on the NI.
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    DenisDenis Posts: 163
    MLaletas wrote: »
    I assume you mean NI not NX, and do any of the other rs22 ports work? If they don't sounds like you have a bad capacitor on the NI.

    Sorry That right, NI3000, Yes all other ports work nice. But I don't know why.

    two or three years ago, I had replace NI3000 by a NI31000 the as the NI3000 was send to be repair. At this moment, the SR8500 was not working under RS232, but it was temporaly. AMX called me to tell I can keep NI3100 beacause they don't find problem on former controler. I said OK and forget the problem with SR8500. This week the owner told me to check that. :(
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    tdewildtdewild Posts: 49
    On SR8500 by default all Auto Status feedback is OFF.

    Use command 'AST:1' to set Auto Status ON for layer-1, Now you get feedback of Power, Mute, Volume etc. (see command manual).

    Of course this only works if you serial ports on the NI controller works, so check your serial ports and serial cable first.
    If you have a capacitor problem your Rx LED will be on but there will be no data comming into your buffer.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    Note that having SOME working serial devices does NOT rule out the capacitor/voltage issue. Some serial devices will fail at higher voltages than others...

    The "legal" spec is a minimum of NEGATIVE 5 VOLTS at the center pin of the long row in the serial DB9 connector, measured against the shell.
    I find that at 5 volts, some serial devices start getting flaky while others are happy.

    On units that test -5.7 or more volts (NEGATIVE), I have seen no serial issues. Good units are -5.7 to -12 volts. Most are in the -6 and higher area. Certifiable bad units show -2 to POSITIVE voltages here up to 12 volts. They don't work. At all, on any port, with any 232 device. However, they can continue to work on RS422 connections, which do not require the carrier voltage. (More ways to miss the actual cause.)

    Get out the voltmeter and be sure.
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    shr00m-dewshr00m-dew Posts: 394
    Did you try swapping ports to see which way the problem goes?

    Are you setting the port up correctly on the online event? I've caught myself manually changing the config to get something working and never changing the code. Next upload breaks it.

    Kevin D.
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    DenisDenis Posts: 163
    I'M waiting for a NXD-CV7 out for repair. And I have to return to re-install it. I will try your's recommandations, and give you report
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