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Control AMX with .NET over ICSP

Are you interested control your NX-Controller by Windows with a .NET solution?

At time, i develop a small Protoytype to comunicate with AMX Controller over ICSP and it works.
In the attachment you can find the not finished Solution as template four your own solution.
The Protocoll is based on ICSP-Protocol

More info:

Sorry for my bad Englisch :-)


  • On this weekend i have a little worked on my program again ...
    So, the Next BETA Release ( of ICSP-Control :-)

    At this time, the Application is only a try, to communicate with ICSP by .NET.

    Example: Main Dialog ...

    New: OnlineTree & Extended Info on Status Bar

    Example: Dialog Settings

    Example: Dialog Notifications

    Example: LogFile

  • Next Level ...

    - Included Port Count
    - Fixup: Show Device Properties (BallonTip)
    - Misc Changes

    Have fun!

  • nickmnickm Posts: 152
    Hi Donald,
    I'm interested in this project, and would like to potentially contribute to your efforts. Any thoughts of hosting this as a public Github repository? Doing so would help us keep up with your development, while being able to contribute via Pull Requests.
  • I'm not familiar with Github yet. But yes, i will create a Project on Github repository and put it. And at this time, i am now 3 weeks in the Holidays. Perhaps, i can create this week the Project on Githup. And sorry my bad English :-)
  • This project i have updated und hosted on GitHub repositry:


    if you will work on this project, you need the GitHub-Extension for Visual Studio (Image)

    (Install: [Extras]/[Extensions and Updates ...])
    (Work: [View]/[Team Explorer])

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