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PLK-DMS Microphone/Intercom

Looks like the only way to enable the microphone on a PLK-DMS is to hang the DMS off the Landmark PLH-Mic et al.

Would it be possible to stick with the NXC-NH as the networking hub for the DMSs, and to divert the mic wirepair to a separate mixer/preamp? If so, would the 2 mic wires be all I need? I see that it's a balanced line...would I tap the ground?

You see where I'm going...not sure if this is possible. Has anyone else done this? If not, does this fail the smell test?

Thanks for any insight.


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    Another DMS Threat

    Bill, et al --

    There is another thread on DMS that might be of interest to you.

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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I think AMX makes a keypad hub that will give you the mic and speaker take-offs. I never use them for intercom, I sell phone systems too, but I am almost certain this exists.
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    I had give it a try and that worked with DMS - the only problem - if you have one or two DMS in the system - it's fine, if there's more - use HUB - don't try to establish such economy (customer pays anyway). And I just like the way it looks in the rack. Answering you question - it works (two DMS, each have mic pairs separated and wired to Kramer VS-88A balanced audio matrix). Don't tell AMX it work. Good luck. D.
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    youstrayoustra Posts: 135
    Thanks all -- We just confirmed that this worked. You can split off the mic pair for a regular unbalanced line-level signal. If you have multiple DMS kpds and want to use them as an intercom, you'll need to switch them to only pick up the active keypad. We've got a box that will take up to 16 mic inputs and 16 relay or i/o outputs from the netlinx controller, and has a single RCA output. Fits in a rackmount unit with 2 ICSNet hubs for the mic'd kpds, and 2 hubs for other purposes.
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