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    Yep definitely sucks. I have been programming so few amx jobs this year and I hate having to work in the craptron environment. This probably won't make it any better
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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    As more and more tidbits come out about the layoffs, it seems that a lot of focus is on pulling in a lot of the smaller operations into a more central location. I saw one statement saying that Harman-wide, they are moving all things 'electronic' to Richardson. The AMX Headquarters building is pretty big. But, I don't know if 'all things electronic at Harman can fit there. I also know that the layoffs did indeed effect AMX itself in a lot of departments that lead me to believe this is pretty serious.

    I've said this before and continue to feel we should not keep our heads down in the whole Pepsi/Coke AMX/Craptron boxing match. What's going on has much larger implications for our industry. This is not just a case of AMX losing out to Craptron. It's a general market trend away from what we do. I work with many integration firms - most who do all kinds of systems and flavors of control. Everything is seeing a trend downwards.
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    I saw that the consolidation was California for 'Acoustics'(Harmon Kardon, AKG, etc), Denmark for Lighting(Martin), and Richardson for Electronics, DSP, Video, and Control (AMX, BSS, dbx, etc).

    We lost our rep already this week, nervous about what's to follow.
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