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SD Degradation

Hi all:

I'm trying to find a correlation between programming and SD card degradation.

In my head, unless you are using files (file_open, file_read), at no point during the execution of a program is the SD card used. Am I right about that?

When then are there writings on the card?



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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    I believe that is the same RAM space for the program files (which are all hidden directories) as well as the MEM stack for run time as well as the hard storage for Non-volatile and Persistent variables. So no, it gets written to a lot.
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    I've had older NI's and MVPs behaving weird because of this. If you think this may be the issues you can do a bit for bit copy of a CF card using something like On Belay V2.

    Just need to get a very specific CF card.
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