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Connection Status colors

I have been using the connection status built into G4 System Page Template for years. I copied it from the template file and never gave it much thought or research, since it works on the setup port and it "just works". It simply shows if you have a connection to the system.
I have a rather insistent client wanting to know what each color of the Connection Status means. I started looking into it an realized there are 12 states to the multistate button bargraph. There are only three colors, but 12 states. Does anyone know what each of the 12 states mean?
Keep in mind there are two or three buttons stacked on top of each other, if you are going to look at the System Page Template.


  • I found the most information within the 8400 panel reference guide. Half of the state options are for the SECURE connection version of the same scenario:
    Bright red - disconnected
    Bright green - connected. Blinks when a blink message is received to dark green every 5 seconds for half a second then go back to bright green.
    Bright yellow - panel missed a blink message from the master. It will remain yellow for 3 missed blink messages and then turn red. It will return to green when a blink message is received.

    Based on this info, we know 7 of the 12 states:
    Red unsecure
    Bright Green unsecure
    Bright Green secure
    Dark Green unsecure
    Dark Green secure
    Yellow unsecure
    Yellow secure

    I'll ask around to see if I can obtain any additional information.
  • Yeah that's really interesting, have never cared and have used it forever...I sometimes use this (different graphics, same button) on my front end UI and just hide the green states. So when its offline it shows the user.

    Have seen a few times in the past year and a bit where the TP is fully functioning and connected but this button is red, also is red in the setup pages. Anyone else had this and know of a fix?

    I've updated the firmware on a few but unsure if its fixed it. S series panels with nx masters...
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