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Explaination of CLI Commands

Anybody has manual or explanation of telnet commands? For example i'm not understand haw work "set device reboot' command. May be anybody have manuals from AMX?
Thanks in advance


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    Those commands and their use are listed in the user manuals for the product you are programming.
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    As Tom said, they are in the relevant devices AMX manual.

    However, on that a specific command has anyone ever had to use it?

    it says in the manual:
    SET DEVICE REBOOT Sets the fault response to an NI device side failure.

    I just tried it and i assume it reboots the master if for example 5001 falls offline?

    //from terminal:
    >set device reboot
    Device fault reset enabled
    >set device reboot
    Device fault reset disabled

    I had one the other day where 5001 didn't come online, first time its ever happened to me.
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