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Explaination of CLI Commands

KimKim Junior MemberPosts: 52
Anybody has manual or explanation of telnet commands? For example i'm not understand haw work "set device reboot' command. May be anybody have manuals from AMX?
Thanks in advance


  • tom goeztom goez Junior Member Posts: 75
    Those commands and their use are listed in the user manuals for the product you are programming.
  • GarthvaderGarthvader Junior Member Posts: 23
    As Tom said, they are in the relevant devices AMX manual.

    However, on that a specific command has anyone ever had to use it?

    it says in the manual:
    SET DEVICE REBOOT Sets the fault response to an NI device side failure.

    I just tried it and i assume it reboots the master if for example 5001 falls offline?

    //from terminal:
    >set device reboot
    Device fault reset enabled
    >set device reboot
    Device fault reset disabled

    I had one the other day where 5001 didn't come online, first time its ever happened to me.
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