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Epson EB-G6579WU projector commands

I have the manual from Epson "ESCVP21 Command Guide" that I am trying to make sense of.

The command for Power on is Send_String dvProjector,"'PWR ON',$0D" and Power off is Send_String dvProjector "PWR OFF',$0D"

Computer VGA input is Send_String dvProjector,"'SOURCE 11',$0D"

If I'm reading this correctly to switch to HDMI is Send_String dvProjector, "'SOURCE 30',$0D". Is that correct?

I don't have the projector available to test it yet.
I called Epson and the guy sent me the same document I found on the web site. He didn't understand it either!


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    Yes, this looks correct.
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    Those are correct. The API for Epson projectors differs somewhat from model to model, because they have different features, different inputs, etc. But power commands are always the same. Epson publishes a huge spreadsheet with all their models and all the API variances for each. Is that the guide you've got? It's called "ESCVP21 command guide for business projector Rev.l_R1.xslx" There's one more extra layer if you want to connect via IP instead of RS-232 but once you're connected the commands are the same either way.
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