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Icons_with_ligatures_v6.1 / icon appearing as text "_menu_3"

Hi there.

I'm using the above mentioned 'icons_with_ligatures' file as found here on the forum - though the issue also remains when using other font icons from other providers.

I'm trying to add this to a Mio R4. I have a 5150 that functions as expected.

Any thoughts on why the button text is not displaying as an icon? (other icons on the nav bar such as wifi signal, work just fine)



  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,686
    A generalized cure for R4 issues that has worked well for me:
    1. Move the R4 away from the gateway until signal is lost.
    2. IMPORTANT: BE CERTAIN THE R4 is far enough away not to come back online.
    3. You are done.
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