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Older i!-Schedule module with new products

Dear All,
I tried to use the older i!-Schedule module but there is a problem that I cannot give an explanation for.
If I'm using the module with NI masters and older panels like MVP-8400, everything is going fine.
But when using it with newer products ( in my case NX master and MSD panel ), the "minutes" variable texts always shows a "%02D" string. Nevertheless,when saving the event, the selected minute value is correct even if the appropriate text shows that "%02D" !! Any other text appears as expected.
In the N2S notifications, I do see that "%02D" text to be sent.
But it is very strange that "minutes" text appears properly with the older NI master and MVP8400 ( also no "%02D" text appears in N2S notifications with them !! )
What kind of incompatibility is that ? I really get crazy with that..
Any ideas ?



  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    The %02D is a clue. In html That is a special character (I think the Space). and the old parsing is getting messed up. I?m sure it has to do with the lack of support for the old module. I think it has some DEFINE PROGRAM in it to which should be avoided on the new masters.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    This is a font rendering issue, I betcha. It's in the g5 panel. Yes, hex 20 is a space... and there is probably an unicode that G5 doesn't get right, or that the module does wrong but never bothered the older panels. These things popped up a LOT in the early testing of TPCONTROL...years ago..
  • is there any workaround on this ?? Any other text in the module appears fine. Only the "minutes" variable text is the problem and this is very strange !! Why only this ?
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