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KNX gateways


What KNX gateways are you using today?


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    after NXB-KNX discontinuation, try CTG-KNX/IP from Comm-Tec
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    lo1504lo1504 Posts: 4
    CTG-KNX/IP from Comm-Tec is no longer availible. 'Das Nachfolgemodell ist ab Mitte Mai lieferbar'
    KnxNet is really, really good work, Donald.Peter!
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    I am using an Arcus-EDS KNX-GW-IP-2TE now, and the module written by Donald.Peter works fine with this gateway.
    This module doesn't need ETS5 for configuration, it has a handy web interface.

    See https://www.arcus-eds.de/system.html

    Thank you Donald.Peter, you saved me weeks of coding.

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    Thomas628Thomas628 Posts: 1

    Hi Donald.Peter,
    is knx multicast address ( supported in your module?


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    We have had good experiences with Weinzierl KNX BAOS modules:

    The BAOS protocol for them is pretty well documented:

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    I used the Commtec gateway in more then 50 projects. All the gateways are still working well and stable. But it's not available anymore.
    OK, now I tested the brandnew Serial and IP Gateways from the german AMX distributer. Here is the link:
    the serial gateway can handle up to 1000 KNX addresses and the IP version can handle 3000 addresses. In my actual project I control 1950 addresses and everything works fine and stable.
    There are some more intersting features:

    • it's possible to import the complete address table, exported bei ETS software
    • it's possible to manage 3000 addresses from the AMX side OR 1000 addresses from the KNX side.
    • it's possible to add addresses at runtime for testing
      I'm happy with this gateway...
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    Hi All,
    For those who used Donald.Peter's module, how do you send the actual command required to the Virtual device or string to the KNX or trigger it?
    I deployed it and i can see its happy with the module opening a tunnel, but no where in the code do I see where you actually send channel to the virtual device?

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    You can make a Send_Command to the virtual device.
    e.g.: SEND_COMMAND vdKnxMsg,"'Set:ID=1;Value=255'"
    Good luck

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