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New bids & old upgrades

Every time I put a new client bid together or get called back to upgrade a system installed 10+ years ago I have to shake my head and wonder WTF is wrong with AMX. Is it something they see that no one else does or did they just get it so wrong. AMX could still be an easy sell, maybe not as easy as it was but it could be done for most jobs and most folks who have skilled programmers could still be profitable. Personally I find the easier systems more of a PITA to put together so I just make them as dumb as can be. Maybe it made sense but I don't see it. To just turn their backs on their base and ignore a huge market that they were already in that doesn't require any specialized products just boggles my mind. Maybe they were getting a bad rap cuz of the resi side that was translating to the commercial side. They tried so many stupid things in the last ten years that maybe made sense in the board room but not with clients and their integrators and instead of getting new people in their boardroom they just got rid of their clients and integrators.


  • a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,619
    I'd hazard a guess that the MBAs have taken over. They make decisions using completely different criteria than engineers, so perhaps another Harman division needs a tax write-off so AMX has to lose money....who knows, it blows, and so it goes.
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