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Repeat Reboot

I received a call from a client saying that the newly installed system was not functional. I VPN'd into the system and found the NX4200 would get about halfway through the boot cycle and restart. I would connect and turn on diagnostics, get through most of the hardware coming online, then restart. Hard booting the master did not help. I had a tech onsite flip dipswitch 1 on and reboot. Same problem. Strangely enough, when they turned off switch 1 and rebooted, the system came up normal. The only other symptom was once the master came fully online, 5 of the 8 touch panels would not come online. The tech rebooted the Cisco switch and everything came up and has run smoothly since (about a day).
The PM said figure out what happened and fix it so it doesn't happen again. But now it ain't broke!

Seen anything like this?


  • a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,624
    Its unlikely that a switch could cause a controller to reboot, but not impossible I'm sure. Are there any Axlink devices on the bus?
  • Good call, but no, there are none. I have seen Axlink devices do that.
  • a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,624
    Eric Young wrote: »
    Good call, but no, there are none. I have seen Axlink devices do that.

    The only other thing I've seen make an NX reboot itself is array index errors and other library errors. NIs handled this without issue, but the new NX seem to reboot themselves after some number of them. Never figured out what that number was, but I've heard that the errors fill buffers and once full the system reboots. So now I watch at boot up and see if I have any errors. I think its not a full reboot though, sort of a soft reboot, so you might find it boots faster than normal when it does this.
  • I had a bizarre one onsite late one night about 6 months ago, seem to remember something like what your explaining occurring.

    I made a data type and created 2 non volatile arrays using this data type. Then read this in help: "Note: The attributes VOLATILE, PERSISTENT, and CONSTANT do not apply to the individual members of a structure."

    Long shot for your situation but never know.
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