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Do you customize menus and toolbars in TPDesign4?

Just to gather a little info for research purposes, I'm interested in finding out if our TPDesign4 users are customizing their menus and toolbars or not. I'm not referring to simply rearranging their positions in the application, but adding/removing/moving items; or even creating your own menus and toolbars.

The application framework we use that handles all of the floating/docking and customizations, uderstandably, has problems trying to resolve customizations when you install a new version of TPDesign4 that has new menu or toolbar functionality. So, as you may have noticed, TPDesign4 resets all customizations when you run a new version for the first time; not always a very desirable side-effect.

So, what are you thoughts on this topic? Do you use customizations? Does it bug you that you lose them when you upgrade your TPDesign4?

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