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VisualArchitect VS NetLinx

Hello folks,

I know that VA is a very handy tool to sell more and save programming time, this is what the book says, I wonder, In which way do you guys use it?? do you program your whole system in VA only, VA and NetLinx or NetLinx only??

Myself, I use NetLinx only from A to Z, but reading the generated code by VA really gives me a good skills.

I always face two problems, I can't do customizations using Codebuilder in the same flexibility of NeLinx, Adding custom code in CUSTOM.AXI is a good thing, but I don't know how to use duet modules, so I fear them.

How about you??

P.S. : searching the forum about this subject isn't an easy thing, and I am sure someone has opened a thread for this subject before....please let me know :)
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