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Can I control HDMI volume with RPM when using a DVX?

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See Tech Note: 1013 http://www.amx.com/techsupport/techNote.asp?id=1013

The scenario was brought up where with RPM a DVX was being used to switch sources to a display but only a HDMI cable was going to the display and there were no speakers in the room. This meant the line level audio couldn’t be run to the display and there were no speakers to hook to the amp out. Was there still a way to set the display to a fixed volume out and control the volume through the DVX? It turns out there is.

To enable HDMI audio control through the DVX you have to enable the Equalizer in the DVX for that audio output. With RPM this can only be utilized for outputs 1 and 2. Outputs 3 and 4 volume can’t be controlled in this way with RPM though you could write code to do it yourself if RPM wasn’t involved. The below instructions will walk you through the process of enabling the equalizer for an output.

In the DVX:

1) Go to the IP Address of your DVX in a web browser and choose the 5002 address from the dropdown.

2) In the DVX web configurator, Audio Out tab, choose the output you want to modify, output 1 in this case, and in the bottom left change Audio Source to Analog Out 1 and check the Apply EQ checkbox.
a. If you were hooked to output 2 instead you would choose Analog Out 2 and check the Apply EQ checkbox.

3) Now for output 1 the Amp Volume slider at the top will control the HDMI volume, or if you are using output 2 the Output Volume slider on the left will control the HDMI volume.


1) When you get to the below page if you are using Output 1 to control the HDMI volume choose the top radio button, Control Volume via Amplified Out and if you are using Output 2 choose Control volume via Line Level Out. It doesn't matter that we aren't actually going to use either one, this is just telling RPM what volume level to control.
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