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What is the process of requesting drivers for RPM? Can we create our own?

I recently used RPM to configure a room with Sharp PN-E703s. The only driver available is for a PN-E702, which doesn't have commands which can utilize the second HDMI port. The changes would be pretty easy, as they would just add a few more increments to existing command structure (702 used INPSW0 to INPSW10. The 703 adds INPSW12 to INPSW14 for HDMI2 inputs). The 702 was discontinued a couple years ago. So the 703 is the latest 70" professional display. Please let me know how to properly go about getting these, or any other, changes made to your control drivers. Thanks!

Also, there really should be a way of adding "user defined commands" for uncommon commands that may not be in the driver. If there is a way, could you please let me know what that is or direct me to some instructions? Thanks again and have a great day.


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    We will add the PN-E703s to the module development queue. In the meantime, you can also create your own display driver using the Driver Design software tool. It can be downloaded here: http://www.amx.com/products/NSS-DD.asp The database is update daily, so RPM will pull the new drivers as they are loaded into the database. Regarding your user defined commands, we will add this to the feature request list for future consideration.
  • Thanks jkennedy! Your response time was amazing. Sadly, since I was pursuing this answer over phone and email as well, I didn't check back until now. I am downloading that tool now and look forward to checking it out. Thanks again.
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