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SVSi 2300 series HDCP issues

I've got an installation that includes a decoder feeding an Epiphan DVI-D to USB digitizer to record the computer video for lectures. We've been having some problems with HDCP getting provoked when we're pretty sure there's no protected content, or having the decoders lock into HDCP protection mode when they should, but then stay locked into protection mode after the protected content has been removed.

I'm currently running June 5 2018, version 01.01.15 firmware on the devices.

This isn't critical, I'm just fishing for ideas or suggestions. Waiting for another firmware release is an obvious one.


  • Ha! yes I have had this HDCP issue also with 2300 series. Thought I was going crazy, has happened only a few times in a year and my client reboots it before I get a chance to diagnose.

    Sorry, no help other then your not alone.

  • My client left it in that state for me once, but seeing it like that didn't end up helping at all. I eventually just power cycled the damn thing.

    I did end up swapping out decoders a few weeks ago, and the decoder on the recording PC now hasn't had an HDCP lockup yet. Then again, I think they've learned not to do stupid stuff (like sending the PC AV to the recording PC while playing a Blu-Ray DVD) that trips the HDCP.

    HDCP is baked into the firmware on the 2300 series, you can't turn it on or off like you can with the earlier series.

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