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DVX 3256HD SP DVX Switch Device Online

I have a client that has an DVX 3256HD SP. They have reported issues with video not switching, when the system has been working previously for several years.

When looking at the web interface, I get an error stating 'DVX Switch Device is offline, please try again later'. When I look in Netlinx Studio, I see that the device 5002 is labelled as 'default device switch device'

The unit is on the latest firmware (master 1.6.160, SP controller 1.1.42 and Switcher 1.7.81).
I have tried a factory reset by issuing the 'reset factory' command in telnet, but the issue still exists.

Had a search online but couldnt find anything. Has anyone come across this error before?


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    try keeping log files by using the DVX USB and see when it gets offline, what happened before...??

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    Hi Matt, have you tried Harman Pro Tech Support? This sounds like something they would be able to help you through.

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    quirkquirk Posts: 28

    Hi Matt,

    If you haven't contacted Pro Support yet, try these steps:

    Make sure you have a copy of the code before doing any of this

    1. Try a factory reset (Unplug power, press ID button, apply power, continue to hold ID button for 10 seconds and then let go.)
    2. If a factory reset does not work, try a factory firmware image. Same process as the reset but hold the ID button for 30 seconds.

    If the unit comes back up after either of those, upgrade firmware to the latest and have a wonderful day! If it doesn't come back up please call into Harman Pro Support at +1-844-776-4899

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