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TP5 and fonts size limitation

Hi All,
I'm sure that you have found out the limitation of the new TP5 which cannot set a font size more than 72. How do you come up against this problem ?



  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
    edited November 2018

    If it's not addressable text, you could make an image of your text and place it on the page. What font size do you need for your application?

    Also feel free to call up Harman Pro Tech Support and request this feature be added.
    https://pro.harman.com/service and/or (844) 776-4899

  • i have made my own font file which contains icons,etc. ( like the AMX Icon file ). There are case that I need big font size like 150, 200, etc. It is not possible to make images of the text for any case.
    AMX team is aware of it and this should be a standard feature like it is for TP4.
    Since TP5 is a newer - and the only software of the new panels - than TP4, is supposed to have had it

  • OK, understood. Good to hear that the team has it on their Feature Request / Bug list though. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

  • I'm very surprised that no one else ( but only a Harman guy ) has replied on this issue.
    Rob, "meantime" is about a year now !!!
    I wonder how all you AMX designers override this problem...

  • @George Krietsepis said:
    I'm very surprised that no one else ( but only a Harman guy ) has replied on this issue.
    I wonder how all you AMX designers override this problem...

    Can't speak for anyone else, of course, but I don't remember that in 15 years, I've ever used a fontsize larger than 72.
    So that could be why there is no response...

  • no news usually mean... good news but in this case is bad news. No one seems to have dealt with that...
    I have a project with a new MT-1002 (1280x800) and a new iPad Air ( 2224x1668).
    Instead of using a dozen of images which should be resized for a different resolution panel ( photoshop, etc.), as described I have made my own fonts file with hundred of icons, so I have overridden this problem since I only need to change the font size.
    In my case, I have made a G4 file as MXT1000 (1280x800) which can be converted on the new MT-1002 using the TP5 utility with very success. If you are asking, I'm using the TP4 because a lot of large icons should be used (from my own font file, sizes higher that 100-150 ).
    The conversion from the MXT-1000 to MT-1002 is done with no problem as well as the font icons size provided that I will not need to change that size on TP5 during the design.
    The big problem now is with the new iPad :
    1. No G4 panel - neither a TPC IPAD G4 design - can be converted to the corresponding TP5 TPC IPAD ( the utility can convert only to ModeroX or ModeroS panels )
    2. So either I must convert from a new TP5 designed panel to TP5 TPC or from a lower resolution G4 panel (no TPC) to a G5 compatible one and then save as a TP5 TPC. But on this case, my fonts will be very small and I CANNOT change to bigger than 72 !!!!!!

    It is really tragic and I cannot think something to override this. Can you ?
    Why is TP5 not able to set fonts with size above 72 ? Why has AMX set this limitation ??? How difficult is for AMX to change that ?
    This is like a tripping....

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