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required equivalent model

kindly support me to provide an equivalent models :

1- Crestron Model DMPS3-300-C, required equivalent model of AMX
2- Crestron Model TST-902, required equivalent model of AMX
3- Crestron Model CENI-GWEXER-PWE, required equivalent mod


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177

    You're probably looking at an AMX DVX 32xx model. It's basically a 10X4 matrix switcher with a built-in controller and processor. There are a few models with different features that you8'll have to decide on based upon your project.

    Toouch panel might be one of the Modero G5 - model MT-702.

    As for the CWEX/ER - that's a gateway device that allows the touch panel to connect wirelessly without using the WiFi netowrk. AMX did at one time work with some of the MESH netowrk technologies but ended up just going with normal WiFi wireless. So this is not necessary.

  • zack.boydzack.boyd Smacks Keyboard Repeatedly Posts: 94

    The TST-902 is a wireless panel, which is why you have the gateway spec'd.

    AMX does not manufacture wireless panels anymore. You'll need to use some flavor of Touch Panel Control if you want wireless.

  • HARMAN_quirkHARMAN_quirk Harman Professional Tech Support Posts: 28

    If a wireless panel is necessary then you can use an iPad and TPControl in place, otherwise AMX no longer offers a wireless touch panel.

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