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Unable to control Pr01-0808 via RS232

maxwellemaxwelle Posts: 1


  • Brand new installation.
  • I get loop back from the controlled end of the cable.
  • Tx flash but no Rx on control processor.
  • I have swapped Tx/Rx wires numerous times.

  • Is there a RS232 enable/disable anywhere in the configuration for the Pr01-0808?

  • What is the default baud rate of the 0808? 9600, 8, N, 1?



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    I've asked product management to post the full instruction manual, but here is what we are using to communicate over RS232.

    1. Wiring is NULL modem.
    2. Baud rate is 9600,N,8,1.
    3. Send the string ‘ ~HELP! ’ (without the quotes), this will actually return all of the strings you can send to it and a very short explanation of each.
    4. The device will also send unsolicited feedback when manual switches are made on the front panel.

    The device does work over IP as a native Netlinx device as well.

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