Barco Clickshare api ssl/https 🤔

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Hello guys

I am blocked on a Barco clickshare cse800 !

I only need to change one setting from one to two screen.

There is an api but only ssl (https).

Manual here

Does someone know how to connect to it via https? I looked everywhere and didn't find a hint!!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards


  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 501

    Opens a port for TLS communication with a remote device.


    integer TLS_CLIENT_OPEN(LocalPort, hostname, port, mode)


    LocalPort- A user-defined (non-zero) integer value representing the local port on the client machine to use for this conversation. This local port number must be passed to TLS_CLIENT_CLOSE to close the conversation.

    hostname - The host name or IP address of the remote host.

    port - The connecting port on the remote host, usually port 443 for standard HTTPS connections.

    mode - 0: TLS_VALIDATE_CERTIFICATE (perform certificate validation), 1: TLS_IGNORE_CERTIFICATE_ERRORS (connect to the remote site while ignoring certificate errors or mismatches)


    This function returns 0 is all parameters are accepted, or a positive value indicating the offending parameter if there is an error.


    TLS_CLIENT_OPEN(5000, '', 443, 0)

    Note - when using mode = TLS_VALIDATE_CERTIFICATE the server certificate must be imported into the NetLinx masters CA.

  • MLaletasMLaletas Junior Member Posts: 226

    As Ian said use TLS, I use mode of 1 and it works with no problem the port number is 4001 now, and you will need to do basic authentication.

  • Thanks guys!!! Can't wait to test it out! Thanks a lot
  • Sorry for bothering you again but I fail miserably to make it work!

    I can now connect to it with the TLS mode 1.

    But I struggle with the basic authentification and header.

    I never have an answer from the device.

    I tried a GET command with:
    SendCommand ("'GET /v1.0/OnScreenText/Location HTTPS/1.1',13,10")
    SendCommand ("'Authorization: Basic ',fnBase64('integrator:integrator'),13,10,13,10")

    The SendCommand function is just for connecting first and stacking commands:

    DEFINE_FUNCTION SendCommand(CHAR sCmd[]){
    SEND_STRING dvIP, sCmd
    ELSE {

    Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot in advance!

    Best Regards

  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 501

    See if it works with changing the HTTPS/1.1 to HTTP/1.1 as the HTTP commands are independent from TLS

  • Thanks a lot! now I have an Answer! thanks !! :D

  • Hella again :s

    Get works perfectly but I can't set a Parameter. I tried many hours.

    I tried many ways, even the example in the API manual from barco...

    Did someone already made it works ?

    Thanks a loooooot !!

    When i send this request : // this is the output from what I send.
    POST /v1.0/OnScreenText/Location HTTP/1.1
    Authorization: Basic aW50ZWdyYXRvcjppbnRlZ3JhdG9y
    Content-Length: 19
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    { "value": "test" }

    I Get the answer :
    HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    X-Powered-By: Express
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
    Content-Length: 59
    Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2019 16:49:09 GMT
    Connection: keep-alive

    "status": 404,
    "message": "Resource does not exist"

  • MLaletasMLaletas Junior Member Posts: 226

    first thing is I dont see the host portion of the header (Host: IP_ADDRESS:4001). Add that in and see where that gets you

  • Thanks for the answer.

    I tried but nothing changes.
    And it works with the GET. should be the same as the PUT no ?
    Thanks a lot !

    POST /v1.0/OnScreenText/Location HTTP/1.1
    Authorization: Basic aW50ZWdyYXRvcjppbnRlZ3JhdG9y
    Content-Length: 17
    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    {"value": "test"}

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