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Drag and Drop Modules

KenKen Posts: 19

I have an older system(G4 panel and NI master) that I need to update the UI to match a companies current standard. The new UI uses drag and drop for source to display assignment only. The trouble is I know nothing about drag and drop.

It looks like G5 panels may incorporate drag and drop better than G4 but upgrading the panel is not an option. The company's newer UI uses a module found/developed by a different vendor to have drag and drop on G4 panels in the smaller rooms. But this module is limited to something like 15 sources 10 "drop zones". The room I need to update has around 40 sources and 40 drop zones I'd need to incorporate.

Are there any existing modules what work with G4 panels that can handle the large number of sources and drop zones?

If there are no existing modules that will work, what commands would I'd be looking at using to roll my own module?

If I could somehow convince them to upgrade to a G5 panel, how much easier would it be to make the system work with a G5?


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    edited January 2019

    A threshold challenge to consider first is how to get at least 80 usable buttons on a G4 panel at once. And pity the user who both needs to read 80 tiny labels, then use a stylus and hope he doesn't slip... all before anything happens. This is not a UI I think I'd want to use, even if you got it to work.

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    KenKen Posts: 19

    It is definitely not the ideal situation for the buttons. But the sources and displays are separated into various popups and are of reasonable size.

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    Ken, I currently only see G5 in the example library for download on the website. My suggestion would be a quick call into technical support to request a sample panel and code file. If the agent is unaware of a sample, have them ask Joe - TS used this technique for displays in their office area a few years ago with G4 panels.

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    HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Posts: 660
    edited January 2019

    Drag and Drop on G4 was enabled through Popup page and the ^TOP command.
    You then monitor string events from the panel to determine activity (press and release) and co-ordinates

    Enables/disables touch output to Master. If enabled, Press/Move/Release events are sent to the Master as string events.




    is 0(disable) 1(presses/releases), 2(moves), 3(press/move/release).

    Note: Move should be used with caution. This setting can generate a significant amount of traffic to the master depending on user interaction.



    Example Response:

    "String Event: Text: Press,320,480"

    "String Event: Text: Release,320,480"

    Posted a video years ago of an implementation in progress


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